Museum Collection - The List (15)

The chronological list of the 100 "must-haves" making up The Museum Collection book features an obvious 5 Star pick at number 15 - the Rolex Oyster. The excerpt taken from the text focuses on the origins of the waterproof winding crown that started the brand's rise to worldwide recognition.
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Defying the elements

Rolex Oyster
 ... Hans Wilsdorf bought their patent and submitted it in London as an assignee. The founder of Rolex was finally close to the solution of the problem haunting him since the inception of his business back in 1905. The screw down bezels and backs Rolex had been using for a few years were not enough - something needed to be done about the winding crown ...
Overall condition report* 7/10  
Price estimate* EUR 2,500-3,000 

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